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From custom-built fertigation systems to improving water quality. You can come to us for all questions. Water, not only during dry periods, is an important component for crop growth. We listen to the customer’s needs and provide personalized advice based on them. This way the crops always have enough nutrients which stimulates growth

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Our services


In fruit growing, fertilization recommendations are determined based on soil and water analyses. With a fertigation system, you can precisely match fertilizer application to leaf analyses, soil samples and foliar fertilization.


The most effective method of night frost control is sprinkling. Wetting the crop (and keeping it wet) creates a layer of ice around the bud.

Water Storage

There are several options for storing water. Together we arrive at the optimal form of water storage.


We look at the needs and capabilities of our customers so that the installations are precisely tailored.

Why VGB?

We have been a reliable supplier in the fruit industry for over 40 years. Since 2009 the company is continued by Theo Heesakkers, together with an enthusiastic team we work on customer specific projects. By continuously following the latest developments, we have an innovative business management and in recent years have specialized in the customization of sprinkler and fertigation systems.

Do you have a question or need personalized advice? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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